DAYDREAMER - PL52 2018 Week 23

Aurélie Cormier Aurélie Cormier Daydreamer Design Team Heidi Swapp PinkFresh Studio Pocket Kit project Project Life Scrapbook Kit

"Daydreamer" Pocket and Scrapbook Kits - What I love about pocket scrapbooking is how I can fit a ton of memories onto one page. I love how all the memories for one week are all together, showing what we were doing and how we were dealing with life and its routines and surprises. For this particular page, as soon as I saw this month's kits, I immediately thought of the dress my daughter wore at her piano recital this past Spring. Using elements from both the "Daydreamer" Pocket and Scrapbook Kits, I highlighted that week's memories with this soft color palette.

It was SO easy to bring this layout together - I cut three pieces of the Pinkfresh Indigo Hills 2 6X6 patterned papers and placed them in a triangular pattern as to draw the attention across the page. I then layered a few of the Pinkfresh Indigo Hills 2 ephemera pieces onto the ombre patterned paper and some stickers onto the striped blue patterned paper to create a title and subtitle. Couldn't resist stitching a bit on both... It's my thing, you know? I finished it off by creating some tabs from the same ombre patterned paper used as a filler card and added a few circle embellishments from the Project Life Sharp Edition sticker sheets. These embellishments created a triangular pattern with the circle sticker mentioned earlier, adding more movement for the eye looking in. Finally, as always, I also used a few filler cards from the Project Life PL52 RAD collection to identify which week I was scrapbooking. Finally, I date-stamped all my photos and add a few strips of journaling here and there to capture a few special anecdotes. Notice how I left three photos without journaling strips? You got it! Another triangular effect!

Stand by for another post about this layout and how I add another element of memory keeping to it!

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