LAUGHS & FUN - PL52 2018 - Week 39

Aurélie Cormier Aurélie Cormier Design Team Laughs & Fun Paige Evans Pink Paislee Pocket Kit project Project Life

For some reason, I didn't have many photos for Week 39 of 2018, but that didn't stop me from creating a pocket page using the "Laughs & Fun" Pocket Kit. Loving all the Paige Taylor Evans Turn the Page pieces included in it, I was very much inspired by one of my favorite products of her recent collections - the 2X2 mini swatch books.

With so little photos, I felt I needed to create something that would bring everything together. I had tried putting a single 4X6 card in the bottom left pocket, but it wasn't doing anything for me. That's when I channeled my inner PTE... "What would Paige Taylor Evans do?" She'd surely mix and match and stitch! So, that's exactly what I did. I chose a few of her Turn the Page 2X2 swatches I had in my stash and cut a few more from the pocket cards included in the kit. I then stitched them together. But wait! I wanted to stitch them using the navy floss I had on hand, but I knew I wouldn't have enough! Oh, no! But once again, I thought to myself, "What would PTE do?" She'd stitch with more than one color of thread of course! And it totally worked!! YAY!



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